Friday, August 12, 2011

Went To A Half-Price Sale And I *DIDN'T* Buy ANYTHING!!


There was this HALF-PRICE SALE - [on Clothing ONLY] - at The SALLY-ANN... MOTHER *WANTED* to GO! -- As it turns out, there was Nothing "Exciting" to Purchase... At least, *for* Me!

Anyway, We didn't stay out for too long, as FATHER, wanted to go Shopping with Her in the Afternoon...


I Cyber-Surfed for the Remainder of the Day... And then, decided to TRY OUT an IDEA I had the Other Day for a *NEW* Product -- MOA-MITTLETTs -- They're "CUFFS"...

I'm still Tweaking the Design and Sizing... THESE are just The Prototype that I whipped up Tonight.

So, WHAT do You THINK...? -- I'd Appreciate *any* FEEDBACK! And, focusing Past the Colour-Choice Here, would ANYONE actually WEAR This sort of Thing..? - Do I have a "MARKET"..?

"MOA-MITTLETTs" and The AUNTIE-HAND that *Makes* THEM!



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