Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm NOT Going To Even THINK About...

HOW **PLUMMETING** The STOCK MARKETS were Today! Or, the LOSSES... Been There. Done That. Will try to KEEP the T-SHIRT EMPLOYEES on the Payroll...


Well... It's been One of THOSE "TROUBLESOME" TYPE Days... Just a Whole LOT of simply *BAD*
- and, Tragic - NEWS.

In a Few Weeks, SISTER and BIG-D had Plans for an Anniversary West Coast Cruise with Members of His Family. However... She called Earlier to say that They would be Leaving TOMORROW at the Crack of Dawn!

Apparently, BIG-D's Older Sister has been quite ILL and took a turn for the Worse last Evening... A few Hours Later, SISTER called again, to Inform Us that Her SISTER-IN-LAW had Passed Away...

In the Meantime, She's had to CRAM Days worth of Packing for a Funeral and the Now-Up-In-The-Air-Cruise! Not to mention, ALL that goes with Closing One's House before Travelling, AND the Care of Their PETS!

Oh, and of course, She's in the Middle of Watching-Over Her Neighbours' Pets and Places!! Needless to say, a Logistical-Nightmare!

Anyhoo, it's bad enough that We're NOT in a Position to HELP Her out, but THEN, *ANOTHER*
- thankfully LESS Tragic - spot of "NEWS" came Our Way... Our Fav Neighbour and MOTHER's BEST FRIEND - MADAME-Q - just told Us that She's going to be MOVING!

Her Son has Health & Mobility Issues that have become problematic, so She's decided to MOVE into His Condo Building... Several Miles away... MOTHER is somewhat Distraught... Mind You, it's not like She's moving to another City, however, the Ability to Cross-the-Street-and-POP-IN will be sorely

Ahhh... "REAL LIFE"... IT just gets BETTER and *BETTER*, huh?!


So. Until the NEXT "Shoe Drops"...
I actually managed to get SOME CROCHETING *DONE*!

-- Just "My" Coping-Mechanism at Work!



  1. Gosh, what a day! Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your family's way. Hang in there, Shan!!!

  2. Darn , sorry to hear that sno dear, hope things get better, love the pink moaboa hugs tinkx


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