Monday, August 29, 2011

..hey..? What Is *THAT* Flittering Around My "Sidebar"..?

IS IT A BIRD...? Is IT a Pla...--*WHAT* THE CAPT. HOOK..?!!

FAIRY-T has managed to ATTACH Herself to The SIDEBAR! - [Knew, I should've taken a Blackhole to That...]

Be CAREFUL! -- Staring at Her AVATAR for too long, will TINKer with Your Self-Control... YARN-BUYING-SPREES may Result!! Or, OTHER Bizarre Occurrences...

Seriously!! -- Just LOOK at *WHAT* happened to My Brother's Vehicle!! IT's been turned into a TREEP!!

T...? -- Don't make Me use My WASHCLOTHS to wipe up Your PIXIE-PARTICLES!!


[SHE can *see* Us NOW, you know... Avert Your Eyes! -- oh crap! You PEEKED, didn't You?! ...Hey, don't worry... IT'll grow back! -- Eventually... ]


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