Tuesday, March 20, 2012


..OR, IS IT FIVE, NOW..?? -- The *WARMTH*, IT's Melting My Memory!!

So. Seeing as the WEATHER was still holding up, and that MOTHER had no pressing Needs to DO ANYthing and/or BE anyWHERE... I *decided* to blow a Few Bus-Tickets on a Trip to DOWNTOWN to pay one LAST VISIT to KNIT-KNACKERS before IT permanently Closes up Their Present-Location this Coming Weekend.

hmm... To be Honest, I had HOPED that there would be *more* "SALES"..? However, there were more Items on the DISCOUNT-TABLE than there had been during My Previous-Purchasing-"Perusal".

MOST of What I *acquired* Today, was from The TABLE, and the DISCONTINUED RACKS, with the *exception* of THESE THREE! - [ABOVE] - For ONCE, I *actually* Paid "RETAIL"!! -- But, hey... Who *knows* WHEN I'll ever get another Chance to Hang around REAL YARN?!!

And, I *REALLY* Liked the Hand-Dyed COLOURS! And, Texture...

Meanwhile, I was also Hoping that there'd still be some more of the RED MERINO that I'm *currently* Playing with, Left..? - [BELOW RIGHT] - I didn't want to Run OUT, as the "PROJECT"
might end up as being on the Larger Side. -- Got THREE.

I also have IDEAS on Combining the PINK and TAUPE BALLS...

NOW... **THESE** - [BELOW] - I'm going to have to SAVE for "Something" SPECIAL! -- THEY're *all* SOOO *SOFT*!! -- Fine-MERINO, BABY-ALPACA, SILK, *CASHMERE*, will do THAT!

I also found Additional BALLS in the BROWN and, in the GREY.

Somehow, I managed to TEAR Myself *Away* before My BUS-Transfer "Time" ran out.
-- Gonna **MISS** that PLACE... And, The STAFF!!

Eventually, made it to The RIDEAU CENTRE...

I had a 15%-OFF COUPON from OLD NAVY Burning a Hole in My Pocket, so, I wandered over...

$27. later... Got 4 "Tops". Strong Hues in NAVY, RED, TEAL, and what I'd call a Watery-"High-Lighter"-LIME...

Next, a quick Pop into THE GAP...

I was halfway Out, doing a swift Gaze-over of a "Sales"-Rack, when My Left Pant-Leg was SUDDENLY*subliminally*-Tugged... And there, on the End of a Lower-Rack in the *very*-Dimly-Lit STORE, was this Gorgeous NAVY Crossover-Collar SWEATER. 100%-Extra-Fine-ITALIAN-MERINO! *IN*-MY-SIZE! For *only* $16.97!!?

Luckily, that Yarn is Resilient, and that My *NAILS* are SHORT! Otherwise, I might have Left Permanent DENTS in the Garment from My Snatching-DEATH-GRIP!!

IT's been a While, since I've had a "IF-I'M-MEANT-TO-BUY-IT-IT-WILL-STILL-BE-THERE!" Moment...

Anyhoo... By THEN, *Enough* BUDGET-DAMAGE had been Inflicted! -- And, I was getting Hungry, too... TIME to head HOME!

...THROUGH the RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC-Throngs of SNOOKette-Thonged-POST-Teen-SUN-Soaking-Shopping-University-Students...

hmm... I still haven't Spotted ANY Groundhogs along The TRANSIT-WAY yet... A *SURE* Sign that there's VERY probably One MORE "SNOWSTORM" just WAITING to HAPPEN!!?

MOTHER and I have a little "pool" going on over THAT!

oh. GEE... I do hope THOSE Over-Tanned-Little-iBRAIN-TRUSTS haven't Packed up Their

FYI -- *ACCURATE* Weather "Predictions" in OTTAWA - There is *NO* "APP"
for THAT!!


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