Tuesday, March 6, 2012

POST **600**!!!

WHICH, IS *ABOUT*... HOW MANY SCRAPBOOKING SHEETS that We Bought Today, On-Sale at 20-Cents Each at MICHAEL'S! -- Minus the Seniors'-Discount. Plus the Taxes...

o-kay. fine. IT was "91"! Although, after ALL of the Manual-Keying that *poor* ANDREA had to do, there might as well HAD been 600!!

MOTHER just kept finding these BOXES full of Once-Pricey-SHEETS... That, the Coding for the SENIORS'-DISCOUNT had to be Keyed-In-for-EVERYone! -- Whether IT was *Worth* the Time to do so, or not, is Debatable.

Whatever... I am just *not* a "SCRAPY-PERSON"! - So, enough with The PAPERS! -- On to IMPORTANT-USEFUL-STUFF, like YARN!!

These Two BRAND-LINES are the ONLY Ones at This MICHAEL'S that are 100% WOOL!!
-- I *like* My FIBER "NATURAL"!

And, of course, I HAD to Buy at least ONE RIBBON!!

Meanwhile, PRIOR to Our *FIT-of-SCRAPINESS*, We had dropped by WALMART...
"GAME OF THRONES" DVD-Release-Day!! - [SEE 01MAR2012 POST] - For *Today*, THEY had the BEST-PRICE *AND* Included a rather lovely NOTE-JOURNAL! -- Very COOL!

BTW, that Particular Branch at TRAINYARDS is almost Complete with ITS "Expansion".

By NOW, I'm sure that some of the More-Observant-of-YOU have "NOTICED" that I have a *NEW*

...yes... I've "Acquired" a *PINTEREST* Account! -- I'm still rather LOW on the "LEARNING-CURVE" with IT - so, bear with Me! I really haven't found the Time Today, to smooth out the
"Details" of IT all... OR, figure out *where* the Button-CODING is suppose to "go"..??

But, HEY, if ANY of You "KNOW" about THIS whole Thing - PLEASE - Feel FREE to "PIN-ME"!!
-- I know You WANT TO!!


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  1. congrats on 600 sno dear, did you get my email?? by the way cari has a pin account hugsx tinkx


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