Thursday, March 22, 2012

..what..the... **CLOUDS**??!!

P-OOH!! -- least the WIND is WARM...

Although, "Rumour" has it, that the *SUMMER* Weather-Balloon will be SPRINGing a TEMPorary Leak over the Weekend - back to "Seasonal" Temps... Won't THE BUGS be "Surprised"!?

o-kay... Seeing as *THIS* Week's MICHAEL'S "40%-OFF"-COUPONS were only Good for Yesterday through to Friday - We headed out for the TRAINYARDS Store.

Oooo... A *NEW* YARN "COLOUR"!! - [got 2-balls]

BTW, is it just Me, OR are Other-Stores all in a *rush* to get Merchandise OUT for the *next*-NEXT Holiday..?! -- EASTER isn't Here for another Couple of Weeks, yet MOST EASTER Stuff - [On-Shelf since VALENTINE'S!] - is ALREADY greatly Reduced!?


Afterward, We ventured over to FABRICLAND... There was Stuff that MOTHER was Looking for... I just ended up FABRIC-*Rescuing* THIS 100%-COTTON 1.5-Meter Quilting-Quality-REMNANT. -- "PAISLEY", *always* a CLASSIC!

Just as We were Leaving, "SPRINKLING" commenced! -- Our "CLUE" to go HOME!

hey! check it out! I *won* $7. AGAIN, tonight!! -- WOOHOO!!


[DISCLAIMER - *NO* SCRAPBOOKING-SHEETS were Purchased during the Visit to the ABOVE MICHAEL'S.]

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