Saturday, July 20, 2013

hmm... IF I had Another ONE...

...I COULD PROBABLY MAKE A BENCH..? -- IT would certainly be STRONG enough!

Anyhoo, THIS WINE-RACK was My ONLY YARD-SALE-FIND-of-the-Day! -- From $5., I got IT down to $3.50!

Made of Quarter-Inch-CHROME, IT weighs a TON! -- I don't own any WINE, but at *that* Price and Sturdy-Design, I couldn't "pass" IT UP!! - Besides, I was Thinking that I could probably Incorporate IT into My CRAFT-SHOW TABLE DISPLAY..??

Whatever... I'm sure that I'll come up with SOME "USE"!


We only Found TWO SALES and an "ESTATE" One... THAT Place had Several VINTAGE Pieces of WELL-WORN FURNITURE. And, ARTWORK - which, for the most part, *wasn't* in the Best of Conditions... A lot of "Moisture"-Damage.

Overall, the Items weren't nearly as well-kept as Those from that Last ESTATE-SALE of a Couple of Weeks ago - [SEE 06JUL2013 POST] - Not to mention, MANY of Today's Offerings were on the Pricey-Side... Although, there were a Couple of ARCHITECTURAL "Elements" that had caught My Eye. BUT, were not "Removable"... nuts!

Afterward, We headed for LOBLAWS for some *FREE CAKE* - [because IT was "NO-TAXES-DAY"] - and, so MOTHER could a bit of BOTANICAL-"RESCUE" at Their GARDEN-CENTER's "Closing"-SALE... For $1.50, We HALF-Filled the TRUNK.

**THANKFULLY**, however, NO WAY near AS much as a Few Years ago! - [SEE 25JUL2010 POST] -- WHEW!!


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