Friday, July 12, 2013

More BIRTHDAYS! - MORE Construction!! - more MELTing...


okay. so... The HUMIDITY "feels" to be GONE! - Just have the HOT & SUNNY now, and for the REST-of-the-WEEK... Which of course, meant that I LOAD-UP the COOLERS and go do ALL of the FROZEN-FOOD-SHOPPING *Today*! -- I didn't want to piece-meal the Task whilst Shopping with MOTHER Tomorrow.

[SIDE-NOTE-TO-SELF: **DEFROST** Mini Fridge!!]

ANYWAY, along My TRAVEL-PATH, I happened to "notice" the New CONSTRUCTION "ADVISORY" Signs...

Beginning on MONDAY, the First ONE is on the "MAIN"-ROAD just off of Our NEIGHBOURHOOD - a Few Blocks to the WEST for a Couple of Miles... Granted, IT *NEEDS* to be DONE, but will be a MASSIVE *PAIN* for the Next TWO-MONTHS!!

Not to mention, is BETWEEN Us and TRAINYARDS!! -- As is *also* the "DETOUR" for some OTHER Road Construction. TRAFFIC along THAT Spot will be an additional and NO doubt, Time-CONSUMING PAIN!

GOOD-THING that I have ENOUGH - [wait. Did I actually just use *that* Word?!] - YARN to tide Me over, huh?!

Meanwhile.... **HAPPY BIRTHDAY** to My #1-BFFSISTER-S!! - And, to My Newly-20-SOMETHING GODSON-NEPHEW!


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