Monday, July 15, 2013

The Double-EDGE of Fortunes...


BUT, **FIRST**... hmm... IT "appears" that My BLOOGER-Prob of the LAST Week, WAS *MY* Fault afterall!! -- aarrrgggghhhhhh!!! -- I really have to stay AWAY from "TICKING-OFF" CODING-Boxes...

YAY! - One *LESS* Problem to WORRY about!!

right. so... A Small - albeit Expected - CHEQUE Arrived in the MAIL Today. At least, IT was "suppose" to be the MONTHLY "Small" One... huh. Apparently, NOT so small..? -- I guess "Someone" wants to SAVE PAPERWORK and, MONEY by Sending the LUMP-SUM..?

Now, *Normally*, receiving a LARGER Amount would be a Joyous EVENT - [there are a FEW YARN *COSTS* coming Due!] - HOWEVER, by *not* getting a "MONTHLY" Amount will in turn, Force Me to RE-Jig My Future BUDGETS!

aarrrgggghhhhhh!!! - Just MORE "PAPERWORK" for Me!! -- crap....

MEANWHILE... We're ALL *STILL* Self-COMBUSTING around HERE... As I managed several more Inches of KNITTING and squeezed in some CYBER-VEGGING... My EYES are beginning to Glaze-OVER! -- TIME for BED!


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