Saturday, July 13, 2013

After TWO-Weeks of "TOIL & BROIL"...

NOW, IT'S "SHOP & *BAKE*"!! -- We're beginning to get the HUMIDEX "Equivalent" in DIRECT *HEAT* THIS Week...

BTW, "I checked" - We were just ABOVE HONOLULU's TEMPS Today!! -- **MINUS** the BEACH and SURF and TRADEWINDS and the New Season of *HOT*-HUNKY-"HAWAII FIVE-0"-GUYS Production starting-up...

[..I *REALLY* need to get a PASSPORT!!]


We hit a Couple of YARD-SALES in BEACON HILL - that were *still* OPEN!

For $3. - I couldn't RESIST THIS *ANTIQUE* Bit of STONEWARE!! -- NICE-YARD-SALE-LADY was Selling IT for Her ELDERLY-AUNT, Who had gotten IT from Her PARENTS... IT's *Definitely* a CENTURY-Old!

Despite the LACK of HALLMARKS, except for a *Y* "DATE"-CODE, and after spending a Few Hours of RESEARCH, I've Determined that IT was Made by "PEARSON's" of CHESTERFIELD [ENGLAND]. Although, I've YET to nail down a DATE...

As to "WHAT" IT is... According to *My* Belief and GENERAL-CONSENSUS, IT's a BED-WARMING HOT-WATER BOTTLE. -- HOWEVER, there is *also* a "possibility" that IT might actually be an EARLY-Version of a "POP"-Type Bottle..?? - As for "Fizzy"-Beverages like Ginger-Beer..? - [a.k.a. a "SHANDY" - which would be fitting, as That's My Nickname!!]

WHATEVER. -- IT's *OLD*! And surprisingly, *still* FUNCTIONAL! - As a HOT-WATER BOTTLE! - OR, as a DOORSTOP... PAPER-WEIGHT... ANCHOR... [IT weighs about 5-plus POUNDS! EMPTY!!]

Anyway, We've been to This Location before... ACTUALLY, it was after Buying some Old YARN There 3-YEARS ago, that I became "Motivated" to START *KNITTING* again a Year Later!! - [SEE 05JAN2012 POST]

MEANWHILE, at the OTHER SALE - [that was right *across* the Street from *where* SISTER-S Last Lived in OTTAWA] - I picked up THIS SHINY ALUMINUM LAMP for $5.!

-- I would have "Haggled" the Price DOWN, but THEY were running a "FUND-RAISER"... And, IT's in Great Condition! AND, "goes" with *STUFF*... BTW, did I Mention My "fondness" for buying LAMPS..? - [We need more *OUTLETS*...]

AFTERward, We popped into The SALLY-ANN for Quickie-Peruse... NO Purchases, either. - Though, I did *consider* a Couple of PAINTING that were OVER My "THRIFTY-ART" Budget.

Some Minor-GROCERY-GETTING Next... Then, HOME! - An Hour EARLIER than "Usual"!? -- Well, it was 110F in THE CAR... with the Windows FULLY-OPEN!


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