Tuesday, July 30, 2013

POST 1111 - [say..do those "ONES" look a little *too* Pointy..?]

TODAY'S "KEYWORD" -- *NEEDLE*-work... - [sorta...]

hmm... The SUN was OUT. WARM, but *not* Humid. And, with a Pleasant BREEZE...
-- A *PERFECT* Day in which to "Poke-In" on *The VAMPIRES*!

I had some Regular "Bloodwork" to have done... AS, did MOTHER... Although, SHE *wasn't* the ONE having *only* WATER for Breakfast!! -- THANKFULLY, She was Ready-to-Leave WHEN I was! And, that TRAFFIC was Light and PARKING was actually to be FOUND!

Despite a little nearby Grocery-Shopping thrown in, We still managed to get Back HOME within a HALF-HOUR! - [shock!] - Then, it was a quick "BRUNCH" for Me and We were OFF to MICHAEL'S...

NOT a Lot happening There, Today... I just Added to the RIBBON-*HOARD*... [Blame IT on the Blood-LOSS and 20%-OFF-Coupon!]

Meanwhile, seeing as IT was TUESDAY and "SENIORS'-DAY" at VALUE-VILLAGE, We headed on over There...

WHERE, I found These THREE "NEEDLE"-WORK SCREENS - [8.5x11" on the INSIDE] - for
90-Cents-Each after Discounts and Taxes! -- They're in Great Condition!

SOMEDAY, I'm going to HAVE TO "Dig-OUT" My THRIFTY-TAPESTRY-"THREADS" and *DO* One of THESE CANVASSES!! -- I'm kinda liking that One with the Pansies...

To Complete My "CHINTZY"-Purchases, I also Acquired THIS METER of Quilting-Quality COTTON FABRIC for $1.80... I've got absolutely NO CLUE as to *WHAT* I'm going to DO *with* IT - But, IT's NICE!

Well... MUST stay "on Point" and get back to My Knitting-*NEEDLES* now...


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