Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You can ALWAYS Tell...

...THAT there's going to be a LONG-DRY-*HEATWAVE* -- *WHEN*...
  • *WINTER*-CLOTHING shows up at COSTCO. In *JUNE*!?
  • My FUR STORAGE Bill shows up! - [BTW, I haven't "seen" My COAT in almost a Decade!]

...THAT there's going to be LOTS of SNOW -- *WHEN*...
  • The "LAWN-CARE"-GUYS seem to have You on SPEED-DIAL!?

...THAT there's going to be RED-LIGHTS at *EVERY* INTERSECTION -- *WHEN*...
  • I need to get to an Appointment ON Time!

...THAT I have a LOT to do the Next DAY -- *WHEN*...
  • It's 3AM and I *don't* have a BLOOG-Subject to Write about!
  • And, if I do, some CYBER-crap *slows* down EVERYTHING!
  • oh. look. The SUN is coming UP!


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