Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celebrating "POST 800" With FREEBIES!!


SO. Since the WEATHER was rather OVERCAST, with a HIGH "Possibility" of SHOWERS, the Chances of ANYONE throwing a YARD-SALE were pretty SLIM. -- We PASSED on Searching ANY out... Not to mention, We did kinda Leave the HOUSE *LATE*...

Besides, there were BETTER "PICKINGS" to be HAD!

Although, IT's been "OPEN" for well over a Month throughout ITS "RENO", the "NEW" Nearby WALMART had ITS "OFFICIAL"-OPENING Today!!

AS IN, FREE "Half"-HOTDOGS. A Packaged-BAGUETTE. A Quarter-SLICE BREAD Sample. -- ALL OUTside the DOOR.

INSIDE... EMPLOYEES were pushing Carts throughout, Handing OUT *more* BAGUETTES! And, little Packaged FRUITY-COOKIE SNACKS. "SAMPLING"-Tables were Giving-AWAY DISH-SOAPS, MOUTHWASH, CHIPS, SOFT-DRINKS... T-SHIRTS!!

Eventually, We actually BOUGHT *SOMETHING*! -- Seeing as, We *were* toting around, an almost FULL BAG of *FREE STUFF*!! - Had to make IT "LOOK" GOOD!

LATER on, after doing some OTHER Shopping, We dropped by AGAIN. By THEN, the
"OUTSIDE"-PEOPLE were handing-out the BAGUETTES - TWO and THREE at a Time!

-- "SOMEONE" sure wanted to be RID of THEM..?! Actually, I thought that THEY were quite Tasty...

We Returned HOME "EARLIER" than *USUAL*... Have to SAVE Our "ENERGY" for Tomorrow's **SPECIAL VISITORS**!!

NO BAGUETTE was Consumed during the CROCHETING of These WASHCLOTHS!!


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