Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hmm... I Might Just Have A Promising Career In *FAKE*-FLORAL ARRANGING!

OR, NOT...  HEY! The MICHAEL'S-FUTURE-FAKE-FLORAL-ARRANGEMENT-CUSTOMER-LADY did *ASK* for My "OPINION"! -- I was just putting all of those ARTSY-GENES and CLASSES to Practical-Use...

Anyhoo, AFTER My little "COMPOSITION"-Workout, I continued on My MISSION toward the YARN-Section. -- "MY" YARN is *ON-SALE* AGAIN!?! - [nuts!!] - There goes My
"COUPON"-Use! Well, at least I still have the SENIORS'-Thing going...

The RED & WHITE STRIPE BOXES are BACK!! - [SEE 11SEP2012 POST] - However, NOT *AS* "ON-SALE" as THEY were BEFORE!

But, WHO Cares,


Some of THAT could have Other-OCCASIONAL-Use.

-- Got an Extra TARTAN-One... PLUS, some of the
Matching NOTE-CARDS. And, a Couple more of the RED-GINGHAM RIBBON.

IT was getting LATE, so I headed off to do GROCERY-GETTING before "RUSH-HOUR" got to be a Problem...

Besides, I have KNITTING that NEEDS Doing!!


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