Monday, September 17, 2012

RE-Filling "The VOID" -- PART THREE!!

YEP! -- WE'RE *STILL* on about SATURDAY!! -- I *WARNED* YOU that I'd gotten a LOT of STUFF!!

THIS "HERE", is the *STORE*-Bought BUNCH...

Sooo.... LOBLAWS was having another "NO TAXES"-Day!! -- Perfect! I had "ON SALE" LAUNDRY SOAP to get.

In the Front-Display-Area there's
a Skid-Load of Their Metal Folding BISTRO TABLES
- ON SALE - for $8.94!!

I have a "Choice"...


I went with the BLACK-Two-Foot-SQUARE One. - LESS likely to look *marked-up* when IT gets dirty"! - At least, THAT's "The Theory"...

Besides, *BLACK* is COOL and GOES with EVERYTHING!

I probably *should have* gotten Another One, BUT, there ISN'T *ROOM* in the HOUSE to Put IT ANYwhere!! -- Sneaking IN the First-ONE was DIFFICULT *enough*!

AFTER, the Grocery-Getting, running into TOO-MANY-PEOPLE-WE-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES and, discovering that the STORE *didn't* GET Their Supply of that "ON SALE" LAUNDRY SOAP, We made a PIT-HOME-STOP to dump the MELTING-Food and "TREASURES"...

It was getting LATE into the Afternoon when We made Our Obligatory MICHAEL'S-STUFF-RUN...

I just picked-up THESE 2-BALLS of YARN with My "50%-OFF"-Coupons. The EARLIER-15%-OFF-ENTIRE-PURCHASE-SALE had already Come & Gone, so We didn't STAY for Long...

On the Way HOMEWARD, MOTHER had an Inkling to pop into VALUE-VILLAGE...
A most FORTUITOUS *Decision*!!

The Lovely LAVENDER 100%-COTTON CROCHET THREAD was 99-Cents [plus TAX] and the CHERRY 100%-ALPACA *LUX* YARN was only $1.99!!

The ENGLISH-Made "WILLOW" BLUE & WHITE SOUP BOWL went for 49-Cents!!
And, the Half-YARD of BLUE & WHITE STRIPED COTTON FABRIC, another 99-Cents.
-- IT *matches* Those COASTERS from MICHAEL'S!! - [SEE 14AUG2012 POST]

BTW, IF You've been "Wondering"..? These LAST TWO DAYS haven't been ALL THAT
"EXCITING"! -- Just of Me MOSTLY *NOT* doing a WHOLE-LOT as I probably SHOULD BE!

"HOPEFULLY", I can Slip IN some CROCHETING Tonight..??!!


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