Monday, September 10, 2012

Perusing The WOOLY MOM-"STASH"

MOTHER was "sorting" out a BIT of Her YARN HOARD STASH... "Commenting" on how I could SAVE Money on *WOOL* by *Shopping* at HER "STORE"!

There's 2-BALLS of the PINK - 3 of the RUST - 2 of the IVORY - and Guarantees of *more* of the TAUPE...

MEANWHILE, on the Subject of "SORTING"... I *also* have quite a bit to DO! -- SO. Whilst I *psyche* Myself for THAT *TASK*, You ALL can CHECK-OUT the *NEW* LINK Addition on My SIDEBAR!

I Discovered "ADALIZA" by way of KRISTIN NICHOLAS' Latest BLOG ENTRY.
-- BTW, have a LookSEE at Her "NEWS", too!

o-kay... I've got STUFF-TO-DO and have to TRY to get to Bed *EARLY* Tonight! -- Have a BUSY Day Scheduled for Tomorrow!!


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