Thursday, September 20, 2012

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS**!! -- BTW, I Just Saw Your KID's "CLONE"!!


There I was, sitting on the Crowded BUS heading HOME from My Afternoon DOWNTOWN, when I happened to glance over to a Couple of FRENCH-Speaking COLLEGE-STUDENTS about six feet away... I just saw the PROFILE of One of THEM, and was *STUNNED*!!

Until She turned Her Face, I had thought for *almost* CERTAIN that She was My NIECE, PRINCESSES'-MOM!! - Her "Profile"-RESEMBLANCE was **SCARY** UNCANNING!!

Meanwhile, other than THAT "Experience" and, "Helping" a CUTE-TALL-YOUNG-LAD with His FUTURE-*HOT*-DATE-WARDROBE-SELECTIONS as I was Perusing THE GAP, not a Whole-Lot was GOING ON...

...EXCEPT, for a Few More "BABIES"...


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