Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DAY of the BOXed...

I STIMULATED THE ECONOMY WELL, TODAY... just not sure WHAT I got, though..?

So. Let's take STOCK of My RETAIL-"SHOP-FOLIO", shall We..?

The SUN was OUT!! NO SNOW!! - [yet...] - No GREAT-WALL-OF-CRYO blocking My Driveway!

The almost "Perfect"-Day for SHOPPING, *yet*, TRAFFIC was surprisingly *not* as BUSY as IT ought to be for "BOXING-DAY"... At least, Outside of the MALLS. Of course, IT was around LUNCH-Time - the EARLY-WAVE-of-DIEHARD-"DOOR-SMASHER"-SHOPPERS had probably already packed-up Their Camping-Gear and were Home trying to "ikea" Their IMAX-TVs together!

Meanwhile, at the TRAINYARDS WALMART... Parking "SPACES"! *NEAR* the Building!? -- SCAR-Y...

INSIDE though, SHOP-ZOMBIES-WITH-CHILDREN... MOTHER and I split up, I had STUFF that I needed to GET to over in HOUSEWARES...

I've been WAITING *all* Year for the nice "CHRISTMAS" GREEN and RED SEE-THROUGH-PLASTIC STORAGE BOXES to show up AND be ON-SALE! - Alas, THEY *were*! HOWEVER, only ONE was to be FOUND! Hidden on a Low-Shelf... No doubt, waiting FOR ME to "Rescue" IT!

Remember - ZEN-SHOPPING -- IF I'm meant to BUY IT, IT will STILL be THERE!

I popped that Puppy into My Cart and went in Search of MORE... But, NO Luck. Instead, just got about FIVE of the Regular-PLASTIC-STORAGE-CONTAINERS that were also *really* ON-SALE!

MOTHER had caught up to Me by Then. As I Directed Her toward the SHINY OBJECTS HOLIDAY-ORNAMENTS, I made a SOLO-SHOP-INSERTION into the ELECTRONICS-DEPARTMENT! - The apparent "Playground" of the afore-mentioned SHOP-ZOMBIES-WITH-CHILDREN...

32GB-THUMBDRIVES for $14.98 -- After much SKILLFUL Cart-Driving on My part, I soon Found what I hoped was THEM?! - [there wasn't a Price Label] - However, a "CLERK-WITH-*KEY*" was Needed...

Ah! There's ONE! - In order to not Complicate His Life, I flashed Him the "FLYER"-Pic of My Desired-Future-Purchase and POINTED to the Rack... He scanned the Price and UNLOCKED. I got TWO. -- Then, had to snake My way TO the Department-"CHECKOUT"-Line and WAIT... Only 2 ZOO-KEEPERS working "The-GATES"... But, then a 3rd opened up!

Retrieved MOTHER, then headed to GROCERIES to finish up...

"WHY?" is it, that every Time I want to get in and out of My CAR - when there are Lots of OTHER Spaces around - that PEOPLE either Pull-IN or decide to Leave JUST THEN!!?? -- Or, worse yet, *when* I'm trying to BACK-UP, CROWDS are either WALKING or SPEEDING BY!?!

oh. *LOOK*!! My LIGHTS, They *WORK*!! just saying...

Next, We popped into THE BOMBAY COMPANY... I was *HOPING* that They'd have some "NEW" BLUE & WHITE CHINA BALLS!!

Found THESE TWO - [3.5-INCHES] - 60%-OFF!! -- YAY!!

We Checked-Out a few more of the OVER-Crowded-TIGHTLY-Spaced-BREAKABLES-Decor-STORES on that STRIP before heading to MICHAEL'S.


seriously, LADY?!

  • I know You WANT My "Space".
  • The OTHER GUY *knows* You want My Space.
  • hel-lo..? NOT a "HOLOGRAM"! Not DRIVE-THROUGH-ABLE!!
  • BTW, **THANK YOU** OTHER-GUY for Kindly backing-up so I could get THROUGH without hitting You or the SNOWBANK!!
  • I KARMICALLY *hope* She ended-up CHIPPING a NAIL or Something ELSE "Expensive"!

frak! I *hate* IDIOT-DRIVERS!! - I swear, "one of these days", I'm gonna *BORROW* FATHER's "BADGE"!!

EVENTUALLY, made it *across* THE COMPLEX to MICHAEL'S... huh. Lots of SPACES over There, too... Not complaining.

Anyhoo, We managed to catch MANAGER-DAVE for a second, as He was about to go "OFF-DUTY". About 10-Minutes before MOTHER "Discovered" a 5-BALL-Pack of that Fab "BONSAI"-Colour PATONS YARN! -- [ah, D? You *missed* ONE!?] -- I'm going to *assume* that SOMEONE-ELSE "unpacked" THAT Shipment-Box..?

Whatever. SOOOOO Glad that MOTHER Spotted IT!! -- BEST Present!!

I also found a 6-BALL-Pack of KROY in the ABOVE Lovely PURPLE... And, got a FEW MORE BALLS of the MARTHA STEWART YARN that was still around.

BTW, did I mention that there was a 25%-OFF-ENTIRE-PURCHASE-COUPON - [including on SALE items!] - for TODAY!?

DAYLIGHT was waning, so We headed toward THE-MALL... Trying to get PAST the EXITTING THE-BIG-MALL TRAFFIC!

LOBLAWS had Their CHRISTMAS-Stuff at 75%-OFF... Lots of BULBS... Those are CARDINAL Ones in the Box - [RIGHT] - Lots of WRAPPING-PAPER, too...

yeah... I should probably get around to DOING *THAT*... "WRAPPING" STUFF UP! And, MAILING IT!! -- **THIS** WEEK!!




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