Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending the YEAR with POST **900**!!


So. The YEAR ended on a CLOUDY note, with the odd little SNOW-FLURRY... However, on the UP-side, NO "visits" from EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY! And, the TRASH-GUYS came by *just* BEFORE I needed to Leave for COSTCO!

I had been wondering about WHERE I could put those GARBAGE CANS within Reach of Pick-up and NOT Back-up OVER Them! -- Ah... "TIMING", gotta Love IT! -- To be sure, I gave CUTE-TRASH-GUY My profound THANKS!

COSTCO was just slightly less *crazy* than what I had Expected! A few more "Take-Home"-Food-Samples were to be had... Got the USUAL-STUFF and picked-up the "WORLD WITHOUT END" DVDs. - IT seemed to work with that whole END-of-the-YEAR-Thingy...

Meanwhile, seeing as I *was* "Close-By", I decided to pop into HOMESENSE... Where, I spotted THESE GUYS!!

ONE was just peeping out amongst a Clutter of Other-Stuff... Then, I noticed ITS Buddy further down the Shelf, *hiding*! -- $10.-Each -- THEY'd been Marked-Down TWICE! Definitely, a "ZEN"-Buy!!

Anyhoo... THEY're 8-Inches High, on a 4.5 by 10-Inch Base. And, Made of what I suspect is likely PLASTER..? Or, some THIN-CERAMIC - possibly even a Lower-Quality PORCELAIN, perhaps..?? Although, still "Weighty". -- Granted, THEY're *not* in "ALABASTER", but nevertheless, would still LOOK absolutely Stunning on a SLATE FIREPLACE-HEARTH, or MANTLE-PIECE!?


Whatever... I totally LOVE THEM!!

Headed to THE MALL afterward. Just a fast Run-Through and, to get some LOTTERY TICKETS... I had Thought about going to OLD NAVY and FUTURE SHOP as well, BUT, the WEATHER was beginning to WORSEN in the quickly WANING "DAYLIGHT"!

I decided to CUT My "Losses"! SAVE Money! And, GET HOME! - *WHILE* I "could"!!


I HOPE that EVERYONE has a GOOD and **BETTER** "NEW YEAR"!! -- Be SAFE! -- And, BLOOG on BACK HERE *LATER*!!



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