Saturday, December 15, 2012

**HAPPY "40K", THE CAR**!!

"THE VEHICLE" is Several YEARS old, but We really don't TRAVEL Great Distances with IT, hence, the "LOW"-Mileage... If the TEMPS weren't so CHILLY, I would have had IT "Washed" to Celebrate! -- nah. Who am I kidding? *Maybe* WHEN IT hits 50K... *IF* IT's SUMMER!

So... The "EVENT" occurred as We Arrived at MICHAEL'S. -- hmm... I *did* Buy some BIG-RIBBON There. Perhaps, I *should* have Made a "BOW"..? - [nah. IT's just not a "BOW" kind of Car..]

Anyway, there was another of those TIME-LIMITED-"20%-OFF-ENTIRE-PURCHASE"-SALES again. Which We actually showed-up ON-TIME for. For ONCE! - However, there really wasn't all THAT Much to GET...

An Observation that I found quite Puzzling, as I had SEEN the BOXES of *NEW* STOCK Last Tuesday. Hopefully, the CONTENTS are still *Awaiting* to be PUT-OUT..? -- Although, I did *happen* to catch a PEEK of a Display-Carousel FULL of "MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS" MERINO in the STOCK-ROOM as I Waited for MANAGER-DAVE to come out...

He was a tad more than His usual-BUSY, so I only had Time to give Him His CHRISTMAS "Presents" and "Chat" for a COUPLE of Minutes before He had to "MANAGER"-OFF... Not a Problem, as I had to go FIND MOTHER and carry-on with REST of Our SHOP-EDITIONS! -- I'll likely be back on Tuesday anyway...

Whatever... HERE's WHAT I GOT...

The BIG-RIBBON was *already* 70%-OFF *JUST* for Today, then PLUS the Other-DISCOUNT! - THOSE were the ONLY "PURPLE" Ones I could Find! Would have LIKED *MORE*... There were Several Other NICE-"SHINY"-ONES, but I just DON'T *DO* "GLITTER"!

And, ONE can NEVER have *ENOUGH* "TINS"!!

Oh, and MOTHER Found the WHITE-CERAMIC-BALL-ORNAMENT for Me... Apparently, there had only been a Couple LEFT. She's *keeping* The-OTHER!

We popped into WALMART for a bit... Was way LESS Busy than I had Expected IT to be! -- Actually, "OVERALL", TRAFFIC *and* the HOLIDAY-SHOPPING-MASSES were quite surprisingly on the BELOW-AVERAGE side for a SUNNY-SECOND-LAST-SATURDAY-BEFORE-CHRISTMAS!!

IT did make Me "Wonder" as to *WHERE* THEY all WERE!? -- NOT that I'm "COMPLAINING"! - THEY're probably *saving* THEMSELVES for *NEXT* WEEKEND!!

WHILE, IT was *still* DAYLIGHT, We FINALLY got over to PIER-ONE! And, spent almost an Hour "INHALING" the DECOR-ness... And, Chatted-Up the PRETTY-FELLOW-AQUARIAN-SALES-CLERK for probably Longer than We should have!

Between "Paragraphs", I Found THIS SET of BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN MEASURING-CUPS that were on "CLEARANCE"...

ONE of These DAYS, I might just *have* to LEARN *HOW* to COOK! -- hmm... THESE would "GO" *PERFECTLY* with My BURLEIGH CANISTERS! - [SEE 03AUG2010 POST]

- nuts... I probably SHOULD have Bought the OTHER SET that was Left, too..? THEY really *are* NICE! -- I'll have to "remember" to GO BACK on Tuesday and GET THEM! THEY'll make a Great GIFT... And, I know exactly WHO *for*!

We eventually FINISHED the DAY at THE MALL... And, Shopped the "USUAL-SUSPECTS"... Also, MOTHER finally "Acquired" ONE of Her *much* sought after ANNUAL-*FREE*-"LARGE"-SIZE-MALL-SHOPPING-BAG!! - IT was the LAST ONE in that Size. So, She's *HAPPY* Now! - [THANK YOU!]

hmm... I wonder if I should Give THE CAR the SMALL ONE that I got..? -- nah...


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