Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WHY is there "FOG"..? *IN* The CAR..? **IN** the GARAGE??!!

ah. 17C... AFTER being -5C Overnight... YEP! That'll DO IT! -- I probably *DIDN'T* need those TWO-EXTRA-SWEATERS, either...

Then again, IT *does* get a tad-bit NIPPY in the COSTCO WALK-IN-FREEZER when I go get the MILK. And, IT was DRIZZLY Out...

Anyhoo... I had been hoping to NOT Leave SO LATE. AGAIN!! There were THINGS-TO-DO! PLACES-TO-*BE*!! -- HOW-EV-ER... With the DREARINESS, DRIZZLE, and Dubious DEPARTURE-Time, I chose to *ONLY* go to COSTCO for the "MILK-RUN".

*AFTER*, DE-fogging ALL of the CAR Windows!

IT wasn't such a Bad Experience... I GOT "Parking"! SEVERAL-FOOD-DEMO-PEOPLE were about Serving mostly "HOLIDAY"-SNACKS... CHOCOLATE was Involved! -- One of the REGULAR-SERVERS - [with Whom I often CHAT with] - gave Me a FEW EXTRA Chocolatey-BISCUITS to bring HOME to The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS!

[SHOPPING NOTE - *ALWAYS* make "Friends" and/or be Extra-POLITE with the DEMO-PEOPLE! Additional SAMPLES *OFTEN* Result!]

The CROWDS were also Surprisingly "Manageable"! -- Of course, at THAT-Time, *MOST* SCARY-SHOPPING-IDIOTS are still at WORK and/or *busy* with Retrieving Their PROGENY from School... So, considering the Encroaching DARKNESS and *heavier* DRIZZLE, I ESCAPED Them ALL and came Straight HOME!

Oooo! Got One of My DECOR-MAGS in the MAIL, Today! -- The 2013 "TRENDS" Issue... hmm... I actually *already* HAVE Some of THOSE-THINGS and COLOURS! And, *can* MAKE "THIS" or "THAT"...

huh. *PERHAPS*, IF that MAYAN-THINGY really *doesn't* Happen, NEXT YEAR might turn out to be a "GOOD"-ONE after all..?!! -- On the Condition, that I can eventually BURROW into THE ROOM to get AT Those-COLOURS and THINGS!?

ah. details... NUTS!


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