Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finally!! **The GREAT SORT** Is DONE!! -- well..."sorta..."

LET'S JUST SAY... IT's *as GOOD as* IT's "LIKELY" TO Get, for "what" *NEEDED* to be "DONE"!

The "Immediate" Area around The FURNACE remains to be seen to by MOTHER - seeing as, IT is *HER* STUFF that needs to be "RE-arranged"... If it was up to Me, I would've CHUCKED *HALF* of IT, Weeks ago! - Actually, MOST of IT *should* be IN The GARAGE! ...IF there was SPACE!

Speaking of the dreaded "S"-Word, most of My Time Today, was spent on doing the *SPACIAL* Math! - [I am so Loving that FREE STRUCTUBE TAPE-MEASURE!]

Since My CRAFT SHOW Selling is OVER for The Season - at least, where HAULING around *much* GEAR and INVENTORY is concerned - I had to once again, RE-Origami "Containers" about. AFTER, re-PACKING Them!

I really am going to have to STOP Buying YARN... There's a Storage-Chest and a Bucket that's been DENSE-PACKED with *JUST* the PATON YARN! - I'm sure that I have well *over* 150-BALLS of IT! -- I'm probably also, going to have to Teach The DUST-BUNNIES how to *HERD*!!

I must ALSO, Resist those RIBBON Buying URGES, too!! - My ASSORTMENT is almost beginning to RIVAL the BIN at MICHAEL'S!

MEANWHILE, I didn't actually *GET* to THE ROOM until after Dinner... Weird... *ALL* of that Crap sitting in the Hallway came OUT of That-LITTLE-Space..?!! - huh.

ah-HA! -- I *KNEW* I had a Bunch of Those GIFT-BAGS "within"-Reach, that I wanted to USE at the CRAFT SHOWS! - Gonna STOW Them with the OTHER Show-BAGS right NOW!! -- hmm... FOUND a Full CHEERIOS Box, too. Suspected that I had one of THOSE as well... Must remember to CHECK the EXPIRY-DATE!

oh. BTW. At one point, I "actually" got **INTO** THE ROOM - about a Foot or so PAST the THRESHOLD! -- It was like passing through some "DIMENSIONAL-PORTAL"! Which, could perhaps "Explain" the *IMAGINED* Volume-Increases of the STUFF in the Hall..?

WHATEVER... Have to get to Bed NOW! -- Needless, there'll still be *way* TOO much to DO in the Morning BEFORE FURNACE-GUY comes...

I'll be GLAD when IT's all *done*-with!! -- As, I do Believe, that MAJOR-VEGGING is "Scheduled" for the REST of the Week!!


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