Sunday, December 30, 2012

hmm...Don't Remember EVER Seeing THAT Happen Before!

A PARCEL "DELIVERY", ON A **SUNDAY**!!? -- I guess I'm NOT the *only* One getting "Temporally"-Confused with all of These HOLIDAY "HOURS"!

ANYHOO... IT was from BABY-BRO! -- Who sooo *knows* WHAT His BIG-SISTER "LIKES"!!

IT's a T-SHIRT -- if You can't tell... 100%-Cotton [check!] - The *Correct* Size [check!] - A Colour I'm partial to wearing [check!] - Has a **RHINO**!! [BONUS "Sibling" Points!]

MEANWHILE, I "Celebrated" the *Appearance* of THE SUN with a Couple of Hours of SHOVELLING! -- ALL of that ANNOYING "POWDERY" Stuff from Yesterday... Thankfully, IT was just a FEW Inches worth and LIGHT, however the rather NIPPY-WINDS certainly *didn't* exactly "HELP" with ITS Removal!

And, "oh look!" at WHAT the EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY *LEFT* for Me!! -- I soooo "ENJOY"-*NOT* Digging-OUT the End of My Laneway in the SETTING SUNLIGHT!!

Tomorrow is GARBAGE-DAY *and* I have to go GROCERY-GETTING... I had better NOT *have-to* BURROW My way OUT! -- Got STUFF to DO! And, a *BUSY* Week ahead with PLACES to BE...


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