Saturday, December 29, 2012

ugh..IT's going to be One of **THOSE** "WINTERS", isn't IT?!


yeah. I know. "SATURDAY"! -- Which, 99% of the Time means "SHOP-FARI"... However, "TODAY", I had *HOPED* to just STAY HOME!


The way the "HOLIDAYS" are This Year, I keep having to look at My WATCH or COMPUTER Calendar to Remember WHAT "DAY" IT is! And THEN, I keep having to SHOVEL on the Days that I should and/or NEED to be "SHOPPING"... Which, WHEN I do, turns out to usually being 5-PLUS HOURS of TRAFFIC, CROWDS, Spending-More-Money-Than-I-Should-On-Stuff-I-Really-Don't-Need-INSTEAD-Of-What-I-DO-Which-Is-Usually-NOT-There-Never-WAS-There-And-Or-ISN'T-Quite-As-ON-SALE-As-IT's-SUPPOSE-To-BE!!

I *NEEDED* to do LAUNDRY, too!! - And, WASH My HAIR... Perhaps, even take a stab at actually getting around to WRAPPING Those STILL-To-Be-MAILED-Christmas-PRESENTS!?!

oh. LOOK! The SNOW has Started... YAY! - The PERFECT "EXCUSE" to stay IN!

Nevertheless, MOTHER **wanted** to "GO OUT"... [*not* good!]

We "COMPROMISED" -- So long as EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't TSUNAMI-by... Then, NO more than a FEW Hours - [as in, BEFORE SUNDOWN!!] - "WEATHER-Permitting"! And, that THE MALL was as FAR as We were going to go! *IF*, We could actually **GET** There! Besides, IT was *within* "WALKING-DISTANCE"! - At least, for Me...

Just "in case", I donned My "SHOVELLING"-COAT - [from BABY-BRO, a "Surplus"-MILITARY-Product-Testing-Cold-Weather-Work-Coat with Zippers, Snaps, Buttons, and VELCRO sealing *more* SECRET-"Pockets" than a CHINESE-PUZZLE-BOX!! - I've had this Jacket for Years and STILL keep "Discovering" NEW Things...]

huh. "SHOCK"! We actually GOT "GROCERIES"! -- And, another One of Those ON-SALE STORAGE-CONTAINERS for MOTHER... As well as a Couple of PURPLE-Double-Size-AIR-BEDS that were ONLY $7.94!! -- Always handy to have around...

It took Me SEVERAL Minutes to CLEAR-OFF THE-CAR when We were ready to RETURN HOME... That was "fun"... NOT. -- The Handle-Extension on the SNOW-BRUSH kept *slipping*! Then, that STUPID LEFT-WINDSHIELD-WIPER came OFF!! -- Still not sure IF IT's back on "RIGHT"?! Such a POOR Design! Thankfully, IT Stayed ON!

Although, Accumulation-Depth wasn't that much, the SNOW-Quality was very-FINE. That could, prove to be Troublesome LATER..? -- Meanwhile, despite the rather *NASTY* ROAD-Conditions, We arrived HOME *SAFELY*!!

BTW, THAT was the LAST-TIME I ever DO "THAT"! -- "SHE" can just STAY HOME and Watch the "SHOPPING-CHANNEL" NEXT-Time!!

My "BAD"-Shoulder is going to be Killing Me Tomorrow after all of that SLIPPERY-DRIVING. AND, SHOVELLING that will need DOING...



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