Friday, January 18, 2013

aarrrggghhhhhh!!! -- I. *should*. have. been. IN. Bed. an. HOUR. AGO!!

BUT, NOOOooooooo.....

No. "WHY?" EVER would THAT Happen..? huh?? -- Just because "WHAT" I *needed* to do should **ONLY** have taken a FEW-MINUTES, is no Reason why IT should HAVE! - duh! WHAT *was* I THINKING??!!

ANYWAY... DESPITE My *many*-MADDENING-"MATRIX"-esque-Moments, I DID manage to get at least *HALF-a-HAT* DONE!! -- BTW, that "LEMONGRASS" Colour is MUCH more of a "GREEN"-Hue... "FLASH"-Photography is such a PAIN with the Colour-Metering!

MEANWHILE... TEMPS are heading UP again... Which, is probably *WHY* there's a Strong Rumour of SNOW for Overnight and Tomorrow..?? - Better NOT *BE*!! We have MUCH to DO! And, PLACES to BE! -- "SHOVELLING" is NOT *ON* The LIST!!


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