Friday, January 4, 2013

OW! -- Why is THAT Hurting..?

I GUESS YESTERDAY'S "TRUDGING" THROUGH TOWN, was MORE *STRENUOUS* than I had Thought!? -- My HIPS are "KILLING" Me! Also, the KNEES aren't working so well, either... AND, *don't* GET Me started on My LEFT-ROTATOR-CUFF **PROBLEMS**!!

Sooo... IN "The PERFECT WORLD", I would have STAYED "INSIDE"! *Maybe* get AROUND to ALL of that PARCEL-PACKING..? -- but, no.

No. *Instead*, I spent over an Hour doing some SHOVELLING "TIDYING" Work. - Those NUMEROUS little FLURRY-FLAKY-FLASHES of a Half-Inch of SNOW here and there, have been ADDING-UP over the Last Few Days! -- Yesterday, FATHER did some "Trimming" in the Back, and I've just been doing the odd Quickie-Scrape-PATHWAYS from the DOOR to THE CAR when needed.

HOWEVER, the "YO-YO-METER" shot *UP* Today, to the "FREEZING-POINT"... THAT means a possible SHIFT in SNOW-"QUALITY". As in, MELTING, *RE*-FREEZING... *Whilst* STUFF was *still* "WISPY" and DRY, IT *had* to be MOVED! - Especially, the BUILD-UP along the ROOF-TRIMS!

A *GOOD* THING that We GOT the ROOF "RE"-DONE *before* THE SNOW!!

Anyhoo, We have this Extending-BRUSH-Thingy... Works okay... AS "far" as I can *get* with IT, with my BAD SHOULDER. - Although, IF I could "SAFELY" get a LADDER *up* SOMEWHERE, I could do a BETTER Job at Clearing a few NASTY-SPOTS..? -- The PORCH-AWNING is Looking a tad IFFY...

MEANWHILE, there are "RUMOURS" that THE CITY will be doing some SNOW-"REMOVAL" on SUNDAY..?? -- **IF**, IT DOESN'T SNOW AGAIN!!

I'll *MISS* "The TWIN-PEAKS" at the end of the Laneway... **NOT**!!


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