Thursday, January 3, 2013

Although I haven't *Stated* IT "OUTLOUD"...

..I DID KINDA-SORTA "SUGGEST" TO MYSELF, that I STRIVE to Keep *THIS Year's* - [albeit, *BARGAIN*-Priced!] - WARDROBE-Purchase-QUANTITIES *DOWN*, except, only for "Necessities"... As, I already have TONS of CLOTHES and NO Place to put Them!

yeah... THAT "happened"!

This AFTERNOON, when I "dropped Anchor" over at the "DOWNTOWN" OLD NAVY, I just couldn't RESIST the "SALE-ing" going on! Especially, the "$5." SHIRTS... I even got a "NAUTICAL" One! ..or, TWO. -- Besides, I also had one of those 15%-OFF-"Survey-Coupons" - which, pretty much covers the *TAXES*!

During My Perusals, I was also having a "LOOK" at the *Current* COLOUR-"TRENDS"...
"CHARTREUSE"-ish Shades appear to be Prominent..? Mostly so at THE GAP - a LOT of other *FLUORESCENCE* Hues going on there as well! -- I'm Thinking that a "Stock-Up" in My Supplies of that PATONS "LEMONGRASS" could be in order..?

Meanwhile... I know My PURCHASE-PALETTE is somewhat on the DULL-Side, however, the more *Colourful* Items were NOT "100% COTTON" or, any OTHER "NATURAL-FIBERS". -- And, I am *such* an *ALL or NOTHING* kinda GIRL!

-- "AUNTIE"-don't-do-SYNTHETICS!

BTW, all of that NICE-SUNNY-WEATHER is a Thing of the PAST! -- STILL "Nippy" with WIND and Light-SNOW-FLURRIES! Enough crap to make Walking - [which I ended up doing quite a bit of!] - around somewhat ARDUOUS... Actually, I really shouldn't "Complain" about My NEIGHBOURHOOD *Conditions*, IT's much WORSE DOWNTOWN on the Side-Streets! - My EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY-"WALLS" look almost Pristine in Comparison...


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