Monday, January 21, 2013

HEY! - ANYONE want a RINK??


okay... THEN perhaps, some lovely Hand-CARVED-High-Back-SEATING in the rather Extensive SNOWBANK..? -- From which, to ENJOY the FRONT-Row-VIEW of watching Various-VISITORS navigate across the ICY Expanse "where even SQUIRRELS *FEAR* to Scamper", against a Picturesque Background of SNOW-Covered-CEDAR-BUSHES...

right... HOCKEY-*SEASON*-TICKETS would probably be EASIER to Unload!

Sooo... The "DOWN-SIDE" of constantly MAINTAINING the Driveway, IS that *when* ICE forms on IT, the STUFF sticks EVERYwhere! And, is SLIPPERY! **VERY** SLIPPERY... "SLOPES" and "GRAVITATIONAL-ANOMALIES" are BOTH to be AVOIDED by the VERTICALLY-MOBILE!

AS should, *Allowing* THE-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS to go "Shopping" in the -20Cish WEATHER! BUT, THEY Both wanted to go OUT! -- *THANKFULLY*, THEY got to The CAR without *incident*! - Although, I'm pretty certain that FATHER did a "SKID" with IT after Pulling out of the Garage..? On PURPOSE!

    [INSERT "AUNTIE" *mentally* banging Her HEAD against the FROSTED-Front-Door-Window! Since, if She did THAT *physically*, Said-Cranium would either Break Said-Window, OR just FREEZE to IT!!]

BTW, have I *mentioned* Recently about My LACK of a "LIFE"..? - [just saying...]

oh. And, "speaking-of-which", MOTHER is *INSISTING* on Tagging-along for **MY** "usual" SOLO-SHOPPING, Tomorrow! - Even DESPITE, the Forecasted "-30C" Temps!! much for My "DAY-OFF"!!


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