Friday, January 11, 2013

In Search of the SEWER...


For a while, I thought I might have to get a Metal-Detector or whatever, to FIND the GRATE! - But, *Luckily*, IT was actually WHERE I had *hoped* that IT would be! Despite, the 3-Feet of SNOWY-ICY-PLOW-CRAP *covering* IT...

Meanwhile, the TEMPS have stayed a tad Cooler than *Expected*, so I haven't been faced with any *sudden* MELTDOWNS. Actually, there's a good 1 to 2-Inches of ICE covering Everything! -- Successful CHOPPING was *Spotty*, at best! However, *FISSURES* have been formed... The "ICECAP" has been *Weakened*!

There's suppose to be FREEZING-RAIN, Tonight... Perhaps more, Tomorrow..? - So, *any* SHOP-EDITIONS will be a LAST-Minute Decision!

Honestly, I'd rather just STAY HOME and *PLAY* with My YARN!


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