Tuesday, January 15, 2013


...just saying...

AFTER, getting about 4 *GREEN-LIGHTS* in a Row, I just *knew* that SOMEthing "KARMIC" was going on...

More GREEN-LIGHTS... *Sparse* TRAFFIC... Plenty of Empty Spaces in the MICHAEL'S Lot -- I pull into "FAV-SPOT-#2".

And, as I open My Door, a *GLINT* on the Ground in the Empty-Space next to Me, *Catches* My Eye... oh. LOOK! - The PARKING-LOT-FAIRY has "BLESSED" Me with COINS on the Ground!! -- A Dime. A Nickel...

ahh.. that's kinda *weird*... WHY are Those FIVE-PENNIES *placed* like a PENTAGON..?? hmm...

[INSERT "TWILIGHT ZONE" Music... If only to liven up the Mood.]

oh! what the hell! I can't let the poor little beggars *freeze* and get run over! -- I popped Them into My nice *warm* Pocket!

Now. At some Point in the PAST, I had sorta Promised Myself to NOT Buy any *more* BOXES! - Unless of course, They were Priced at 6 for $10. - However, the $2.50-Each Ones in the OUTSIDE-BINS had THESE 3 "CANADIANA" TYPES in them!! - I got TWO of Each...

Well, that pretty much FILLED My CART, and I wasn't even *completely* INTO the STORE yet!! -- yes... "FORCES" *are* at WORK Here...

The TIN-ish PLAQUES at the $1.50-Regular-Price were My next Cart-Deposit. - [$1.35 after the SENIORS'-DAY-DISCOUNT]

Hey! There's MANAGER-DAVE putting out "90%-OFF"-Signs on the Leftover-CHRISTMAS-Stuff... Let's check IT out, huh?

With the DISCOUNT --
  • LARGE TINS - 44-Cents each
  • SMALL TINS - [ABOVE] 31-Cents each - got Two
  • MINI-SOCKS - 76-Cents each - got Three of each Colour
  • CHECKER-SOCK - 22-Cents

  • PURPLE - $1.07
  • RED - $1.52 - Got Four
  • GREEN - $1.21 - Got 4 in Both-Sizes

THEN... In an Aisle-Display just across from the from My "HOLIDAY"-Pillaging, was "CAKE"-STUFF...


Stuff that is *usually* Priced from $10. to $22. STUFF!

Stuff that was now going for *ONLY* "$1.99"-Each STUFF!!

I had to GET an Extra SHOPPING-BASKET!!

BTW, These PUNCHES also *need* a Special "BASE"-UNIT... [Not pictured] - *THOSE* were NOT "ON-SALE"!

However, *not* to FEAR! A couple of 40%-OFF-Coupons got THOSE down to $15.-Each! -- I needed TWO-Sizes...

WELL! -- SISTER's Future "Birthday" and "CHRISTMAS" GIFTS are now COVERED!!

MEANWHILE, I had been IN the STORE for over 40-Minutes and STILL hadn't gotten to the YARN-SECTION!!

But, WHEN I did...

okay. So. The SAME Bins of the PATONS "$19.99" 5-BALL-PACKS have been around for WEEKS. Loaded with "PINKS"... That, I have "enough" of.

[cough!] - yeah. right!

Anyhoo... so, I'm "Helping" this OLDER-FRENCH-LADY to find *another* Pack of the HEATHER-Shade as We "Discuss" the YARN and ITS "PRICE"...yadda, yadda...

BUT, it's not until AFTER I find Said Colour, that I happen to finally "NOTICE" the *TINY*-Somewhat-HIDDEN-SIGN that says "$9.99"!!?

MERDE!! -- NO Wonder She was Babbling about the LOW-PRICE!!

    [NOTE TO SELF -- *REMEMBER* to give MANAGER-DAVE an "AUNTIE"-Pout when I see Him again!! - He's disappeared...]

Well... THOSE will soon be Selling-Off... I *piled-on* TWO-PINKS and a lone ORANGE Pack! -- TIME to head to the CHECKOUT!!

I ended up Steering TWO CARTS to THE CAR! -- The TRUNK was now *FULL*!!

And, apparently, The PARKING-LOT-FAIRY had LEFT for the Day! -- I checked. No more "Extra" MAGICAL-MONEY to Apply to My *NEXT* CHARGE-CARD "BILL"!! -- pooh!

I had "PLANNED" on Perusing a Few OTHER Stores, but the Hour was getting on and, I still HAD to get to THE MALL for some GROCERY-SPECIALS... I'm almost *Tempted* to get CAKE!?


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