Tuesday, January 8, 2013

STUFF to DO! PLACES to BE! - Now, IF I could *ONLY*...


The INTERSECTION of MONTREAL ROAD and ST.LAURENT BOULEVARD - I'm in the WESTBOUND-LEFT-TURNING-LANE in Spot-15ish? I've been There for OVER 10-Minutes!! WHY? -- Because...
  • TRAFFIC. Obviously.
  • The LEFT-TURN-*ARROW*-LIGHT is only ON for about 10 to 12 Seconds..?
  • The FIRST CAR **DOESN'T** TURN until "SECOND-8"..!!??
  • *MAYBE* 3-Cars GET through at each SIGNAL-ROTATION..?
  • PEOPLE? Get a &^%%$^%&^ CLUE!!

Needless to say, WHEN *I* was FIRST at the LIGHT - waiting - by the end of SECOND-*2*, I was already THROUGH the TURN!!

WHAT was supposed to have been a "Quick" Stop at a "MEAT"-Store - since IT was just across the Road from the GROCERY-Store that I *had* to go to - ended up taking a good HALF-HOUR *CHUNK* out of *MY* Time!! -- IT was bad enough that I had Left the HOUSE Later than WHEN I had "PLANNED"... A REvised "FLIGHT-PLAN" was being "Filed"!

  • The BANK First... "Empty"! - TELLERS are "Standing-By"... YAY!
  • Next, had a LETTER to POST...
  • Afterward, a Circuit of the Mall...
  • THE GAP - yeah, of course, I Bought SOMETHING! - A *heavy* COTTON ZIPPERED-CARDIGAN. Was already over HALF-OFF, then *another* 30%-OFF! And, IT's "NAVY". -- IT'll be WORN!
  • THE BODY SHOP - WooHoo! The SHOWER-GEL I like that wasn't "IN-STOCK" the Last Time I was IN, now "IS" *and* HALF-PRICE?! -- I picked-up a FEW. - oh. Have to RENEW My "DISCOUNT"-MEMBERSHIP, too... No prob. Still getting a "Deal"!

Off to MICHAEL'S... "SENIORS' DISCOUNT DAY"!! - Been a WHILE! - [silly HOLIDAYS being on TUESDAY!]

TODAY's "MISSION" - Get MORE of what *might* be LEFT of the CHRISTMAS STUFF! - [SEE 05JAN2013 POST] - I loaded-up on Those "TAKE-OUT"-BOXES! Thirty *more*! And, another BALL of the "LEMONGRASS" YARN! - That "SMART-CAMERA" 40%-OFF-COUPON was still GOOD!

Got some RIBBON. The One with the LADYBUGS was actually part of the "75%-OFF-RETURNED-ITEMS-CLEARANCE" Stuff. AS were the KNITTING NEEDLES! - [$1.87 *before* other Discounts!]

The Chrome WREATH-HANGER was a little over a Couple of DOLLARS... IT's a great Hook, I'll probably Use IT for Something ELSE. There were More available, however, My SENIORS'-Discount didn't "APPLY" to IT. -- Maybe if They're still around Next Week, I'll get Extras...

At about 40-Cents, the *LAST* Green METAL-BELL was just begging for a New Home! Same Price for the COOKIE-CUTTERS...

And THEN, there were the CLEAR-PLASTIC-"BULBS" -- There was this "Basket" FULL of Them... Staring up AT Me... "Subliminally"-Shouting, "..BUY US, AUNTIE!! We *know* You'll think of *Something*-Profoundly-PITHY to put INTO US!!"

IT was Large Basket... Had about 20 or so BULBS... But, at 62-Cents for the Larger-FLAT-Ones and 57-Cents for the ROUND-Ones -- ah, what-the-hell! -- I Bought Them ALL!

hmm..."pithy", huh? -- How's "SHEEP-IN-A-BUBBLE", sound?



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