Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oooo! SWEET!! The WEATHER-"FAIRY" got Me a COOL "GIFT"!!


When I last "SIGNED-OFF" in the *WEE*-Hours - [4am] - it was to the DISCOURAGING Sounds of RAINFALL! -- *ALL* I could Think of as I TRIED to fall asleep, was the Amount of *Probable* FLOODING that was going to be AWAITING Me, LATER...

As I drifted between Slumber and Awareness, some Time after DAWN, the ROAR of WINDS grabbed My Drowsy Attentions... huh. great. now I'll have branches that will probably be falling on Me while I scoop...

Alas, I dozed off.

WHEN I *finally* Awoke, AND got OUT of Bed, the HOWLING was still going on!

-- Sooo... IMAGINE My **SURPRISE** as I had a LOOK Outside to "SURVEY" My Day's *likely* Activities of "FLOOD-CONTROL" and/or SHOVELLING - [there had been this Forecast of SNOW?!] - only to DISCOVER a rather Noticeable **LACK** of AQUEOUSNESS!?!


NO SNOW! -- Other than the presently somewhat *smaller* SNOWBANKS...


Just overall **DRYNESS**!!??


It just goes to show *how* EXHAUSTED I am from all of this YO-YO WEATHER of Late, that it NEVER occurred to Me that Those UNexpected WINDS in the +8C Temps would EVAPORATE **EVERYTHING**!! -- So much for "FORECASTS"! - The *only* Thing "THEY" got "right" was the Temperature DROP! IT's -14C with a -24C WINDCHILL at the Moment...

And, considering the *sudden* DROP, the PRE-Removal of all that "MOISTURE" is a *GOOD THING*!!


To be sure, "SERIOUS"-VEGGING was *ENJOYED* whilst THE-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS "Escaped" for a Few Hours...

right. so. *TOMORROW*... "BIG DAY"!! -- There's even a Rumour of *possible* SUNLIGHT!?!

Anyway... I *must* GET to Bed!! -- I've got THINGS to DO! PLACES to BE!! "TELOMERES" to TEMPORALLY-ANOMALYZE!!

oh. And BTW, just a "WARNING"... SPENDING Money that I *don't* Have on STUFF that I DON'T Need *or* have "SPACE" FOR, WILL be INVOLVED!!


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