Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And, MAY "Showers" Bring...


I really *HOPE* that MOST of ITS "Contents" STAY behind with Her PROGENY! -- 'Cause Her and BIG-D will need the SPACE for *ALL* of the STUFF that We've been "SAVING" for THEM!!
...just hope that I can FIND it all...? I might have to Review My BLOOG-PICS to take an INVENTORY!

Anyway, THEY arrived Mid-Evening. Only stayed for about an Hour before heading to THE PRINCESSES' Place. Some Stuff was "EXCHANGED" for OTHER Stuff... -- I think We managed to get about TWO-CUBIC-FEET worth OUT of the HOUSE!? - FATHER will be Happy...

Oh. And, We finally got to SEE LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED's "WEDDING DRESS"!! -- BLACK ORGANZA with a Multitude of Rosette-Ruffles and a Lattice-Lace-Up back... SISTER spent *FOREVER* "HAUTE COUTURING" the DETAILING on IT!! And, will Definitely RIVAL Her MOTHER's GOWN!!

MEANWHILE, We're ALL *HOPING* that IT still FITS The KID! Otherwise, She'll be on a CRASH-DIET for the Next Week!! -- Then again, THE WEDDING *is* in VEGAS...

"WORSE-CASE-SCENARIO", a Former-"MUNCHKIN" gets Hired to Wear IT!! OR, even a MANNEQUIN..?!! -- hmm.. I wonder if any of Those "OLD NAVY" CHILDREN-Ones are Available..??

THE DRESS *will* be Part of the CEREMONIES! - The "BODY" *in* IT, "optional"! -- YES. THE DRESS *is* THAT NICE!!


MOTHER and I had to go OUT for an Appointment... It was Overcast at First, THEN, Just-BEFORE-We-Walk-OUT-The-Door... SHOWERS!! -- FOR REAL??!! -- We were already 10-Minutes-LATE!

Thankfully, IT Stopped when We Arrived... And, STAYED "Stopped"! - A Few Hours on, *SUNSHINE*!!?

I'm **CURSED**!! -- And, UNTIL Proven *OTHERWISE*, I'm sticking to THAT Assumption!!


OW! -- Where'd that PIN come FROM..??!!

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