Monday, May 27, 2013

Hooked on "Hanging" AIR-Time...

SUN. WARMTH. A BREEZE... So of course, MOTHER *INSISTED* on Hanging-OUT the LAUNDRY!

HERS, *not* Mine! -- I'm not big on having POLLEN Air-Injected into the FIBERS of My Clothing! They can AIR-"DRY" just fine in the Basement Laundry-Area... Besides, They're ALL still going to end up IN the Dryer anyway!

whatever... I spent most of the Day playing "Musical"-Clothes-Basket with the Various LOADS coming and going! -- [NOTE TO SELF -- remember to take the Socks OUT of the Dryer!]

MEANWHILE, SISTER *finally* Called from VEGAS!! -- Ransom-ROAMING-Fees! - Just a FACT that I *kept* Warning Them about! AND, to switch OFF all of Their WIFI Antennas *until* They were needed!

Anyhoo, MANY-ADVENTURES-SHORT... Apparently, between "BABY-SITTING" the PRINCESSES whilst the "NEWLY-WED"-PARENTS actually have some "HONEYMOON"-Time, *much* WALKING "EVERY"-WHERE has been involved... [duh! - I think I warned Them about THAT too!]

However, She and BIG-D did get a Chance to put Their Feet *UP* in a more "Unique" way Earlier Today, with a TOUR of the AREA in One of "THESE"...

I'm glad that They *ENJOYED* the "Experience", as They'll likely be spending *more* Time ON the Ground Tomorrow! -- really?? Travelling on the Day AFTER "MEMORIAL DAY"..? -- Hope They *also* have a fondness for AIRPORT-WAITING!

And naturally, EITHER outcome of "PUNCTUALITY" and/or "DELAY" will in turn, have an impact on MY "Schedule"... For Now, I'll be picking Them up in the Late-Evening -- UNLESS, We have that expected RAIN..? In which case, I hope that there's a VACANCY at the Airport HOTEL!

-- AUNTIE-"NIGHT-BLIND" *don't* DO the AIRPORT-"PARK"WAY in the RAINY-DARK!! - REGULAR-DARK is BAD enough! -- BTW, have I mentioned the Part about wandering MOOSE and DEER along that Road..?! - Needless to Say, the OTHER-DRIVERS are ALSO *just* as SCARY!!

well... *MUST* get TO Bed! -- Got a BUSY Week ahead!!



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