Thursday, May 16, 2013

what?! -- Were THEY AFRAID that *IT* would get "LOST" in the MAIL..??!!


-- seriously? - Using a 12"x16"-ish ENVELOPE for My Latest a-tad-on-the-THIN-side "AMERICAN" DECOR-MAG?

On occasion, IT arrives *via* THEIR "CANADIAN" DISTRIBUTOR - [cheaper for THEM]. Although, more often, IT comes Directly from the U.S. - [not so cheaply for THEM!]. However, I don't EVER Recall Receiving IT in the ?NEWSPAPER?-*Size* Packaging..?

IT's almost big enough to Put GROCERIES *into*!

ANYHOO... At least getting the MAG Today, gave Me *Something* ENTERTAINING to Read *instead* of the OTHER LESS-Desired-POSTAL-Pickings!

IT's still COOL This Week... Partially CLOUDY again, with a Strong-Steady-WIND! -- So, of COURSE, One of the HOUSES-just-Down-the-Street was having Their ROOF *DONE*!! Fortunately, that WIND *wasn't* Blowing OUR Way!

Meanwhile, I had a "MILK"-RUN to COSTCO to do. Then, a Visit to THE MALL... Nothing "NOTE"-worthy going on at EITHER Location! - Just the Regular BORING GROCERY-GETTING and trying to keep Ahead of the RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC...

"AUNTIE"-I-Have-*NO*-"LIFE", remember..? -- "CLUE"-IN, KIDS, an OVER-SIZED *ENVELOPE* was the "UNIQUE"-HIGH-Point of My DAY!?!


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