Sunday, May 19, 2013

Got *Lucky* LOoKIng for "LOPI"!!


..So, AFTER Our "scavenge" Yesterday of the "FREE"-YARD-SALE - [SEE 18MAY2013 POST] - We came across a "REGULAR"-ONE... With LOTS of "Stuff"...

Oooo... An AMETHYST GLASS "ROSE" CANDLEHOLDER... Not that I plan on using IT as One. I just Love the GLASS! - And, *COLOUR*!!

oh. hey... Isn't that LITTLE-OLD-ASIAN-NEIGHBOUR helping to "Run" the SALE..?? - It IS...

She lives a Street Over from Us and is always Helping and "Hosting" YARD-SALES for Her FRIENDS. -- Actually, We've been to THIS PLACE *before*! -- She also "Shows-Up" at MANY of the SAME CRAFT SHOWS that We "DO"...

Anyway, I Spotted This BAG of PURPLE-BLUE "AUSTRALIAN MERINO" ROVING YARN in a Box, along with some Other COTTON-YARN that I was "Considering"...

BTW, This is a POST-Purchase-PIC!

Which, was the point *when* She began Her "Sales-PITCHING".

And, had THIS GINORMOUS BAG of YARN brought OUT!

-- For $20. the WHOLE THING could be "MINE"...

However, WHAT Interested Me *most* of ITS "Contents" were the - [BELOW]10-BALLS of *PEACOCK-TEAL* ICELANDIC "LOPI" WOOL!!

The BULK of the OTHER YARN was made up of THESE 3-PACKAGES of PATONS "CANADIANA" YARN -- 29-BALLS of "ACRYLIC" - [as well as a Few Other ODD-BALLS] - that I really DON'T Need, despite Their *still* Packaged Condition and Great COLOUR...

And, YES! - I *am* an Absolute *Total*

BUT, if *only* to KEEP LITTLE-OLD-"Let's-Make-A-Deal"-ASIAN-NEIGHBOUR "Happy", I Agreed to Accept the $20.-Price-Tagged *ENTIRE* BAG, *IF*, I could ALSO get the ROVING and GLASS-"ROSE" thrown IN..?!! -- Her YARD-SALE-FRIEND Confirmed the "DEAL"!

NOW, I just had to Figure-Out on *HOW* I was going to SNEAK that over 4-KILO BAG-of-YARN "into" the HOUSE, PAST FATHER!?! -- hmm... Perhaps, WHEN He's "Distracted" by MOTHER's SHINY-*FREE*-GLASS-STUFF..??

Anyhoo... I suppose that I'll have to do *something* with that 3-KILOS of ACRYLIC!
-- Although I would PREFER to "SELL" IT, I am also open to DONATING IT, if need be... And/or, MAKE "Something" IF I can Find the Time, and Donate "IT" or "THEM"..? -- We'll see...

MEANWHILE... "THE GANG" are *FINALLY* on Their WAY to **VEGAS**!! -- I had to Drive SISTER, BIG-D, 2-LARGE-SUITCASES, and PRINCESS-TEEN-of-*TALL* - [Wow! That GIRL has *GROWN*! - She's Taller than Me now!] - to the AIRPORT, Earlier...



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  1. WOW...what a haul!! That peacock hue is delightful!! You lucky lucky woman, you!


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