Friday, May 10, 2013



When SISTER sent THIS TULIP PHOTO that She took the Other Day, the *First* Thought that popped into My Head was THIS - [LEFT] - "STAR WARS" Ad-Poster!!

Anyhoo... Speaking of "DARTH VADER", the Original Actor to Portray the Character - DAVE PROWSE - is *actually* HERE in Town THIS WEEKEND as a GUEST at The OTTAWA COMIC-CON!

I met Him once at another "Convention" about a Decade ago... Nice Man.

Anyway, Check-Out the Website for the CON, They have a rather Interesting Line-Up!

MEANWHILE... Also OPENING "TODAY" and, until SEPT. 2nd -- is the "STAR WARS - Identities" EXHIBITION at The CANADA AVIATION and SPACE MUSEUM...

Which, just happens to be rather Close-By! Though, it's been Years since I've been THERE!
-- hmm... Guess I'll have to GO, *some* Time!


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