Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ROUNDing Off "THE BOX" - Part 4...


THIS, is pretty much the *Actual* SIZE of This GLASS-BEADED COASTER.

The Photo really *doesn't* pick-up the TRUE "GLITZ" of the BEADS! THEY will be Added to My BEAD-HOARD-SUPPLY, for Future ARTSY-USE...

These Packs of CREPE PAPER were Originally Part of MOTHER's $2.-BOX... However, MY "BOX" had a Couple of HER BOOKS, so We did some "Trading"...

Anyway, You can NEVER go Wrong with having a Few ROLLS around for those LAST-MINUTE-PARTY-DECORATIVE-NEEDS!!

A Similar "REASONING" can be Said for the - [ABOVE] - Pair of CASTERS and, the DRAINING HOSE - which I actually got TWO of... You never *know* WHEN THEY might come in Handy!

MEANWHILE, I also Found - [RIGHT]THREE of These DVD-RACKS..?

However, I'm thinking that THEY could EASILY be Used as SHELF-BRACKETS! -- Just Notch a Few PLANKS, Slot THEM IN, and You're DONE!


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