Monday, May 13, 2013

Global "WARMING", huh?

ye-ahh... THAT'S WORKING...

Quick! Grab Your CALENDARS, KIDS. Make a "NOTE"... "THIS" WEEK will be Designated as *EARLY-SPRING*-SEASON! -- You know, that TIME when the SNOW is *mostly* gone, but the FLORA are sleeping-in Late. And, Overnight *FROST* is the Norm..?

hmm... Feels like We've just REPLACED "MAY" with "MARCH"!! -- NIGHT-TWO of 3C TEMPS!!

Had to go to the DENTIST Today - via THREE-BUSES... Was Cloudy, DAMP, GUSTY-WINDS, *COOL*-TEMPS... I "Dressed" accordingly. By the Time I got to My THIRD-BUS, the SUN was OUT and TEMPS were on the RISE!?

Thankfully, that COLD WIND prevented Me from "over-HEATING"... Although, I was still grateful for
the Woolly HEADBAND and SCARF!! - Especially, when Walking INTO IT on the Way HOME from THE MALL...

okay. so. **NO** CAVITIES!! -- Just the Usual Reprimand to FLOSS more often, and a FREE "DENTAL CARE KIT"... okay. Perhaps *not* THAT "FREE" when considering the "COST" of said "Check-Up-VISIT"..?? -- *THANK YOU* DENTAL-"PLAN"!!

Anyhoo... A LONG Day! - MUCHO WIND-Walking for SANS-SHOPPING! -- Honestly, despite the Bountiful-Browsing, I managed to RESIST... Although, I did make up for My Failings with some JUNK FOOD!! -- Hey! A GIRL'S has to MUNCH, some Time....


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