Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Bargain"-JADED by **FREE** STUFF!!

A **FREE** YARD-SALE..??!! - hmm... Gonna be NO Space LEFT in My CAR, once MOTHER gets DONE!

right. so... IT's *THE* "PERFECT" Day OUT! - SUNNY. With, just the Pleasant-Proper-TEMPS! -- And of course, We LEFT the HOUSE *LATE*!! Nevertheless, We scooted on over to BEACON HILL with "hopes" that there might be *some* YARD-SALES still "OPEN"..?

ah! "SIGNS"!! -- But, WHY does *THAT*-One say "FREE"?? -- whatever... We whipped on over!

Only a couple of Tables remaining, HOWEVER, EVERYTHING on Them *was* actually FREE!! -- The RATHER-GENEROUS-FOLKS there were apparently doing some serious DOWN-sizing!

We took a LOOK around to "Assist" THEM in That-EFFORT and, to give THEIR *STUFF* a "GOOD-HOME"!

COOL! -- I've been Hoping to come across One of THESE! And, This GLASS CEILING-LAMP-SHADE really is an Older ONE! - IT still has the Original BRASS CHAINS - [these are actually in Backward so that They wouldn't slip out] - Although, THEY need to be Replaced, as I really wouldn't "trust" Their Condition to handle the GLASS-Weight any longer. Otherwise, the 12-Inch SHADE is in GREAT-Shape!!

I already have a Couple of Similar Textured-BOWLS in GREEN... Can't remember seeing One in YELLOW before... However, the SUNFLOWER Motif is quite Nice -- IT's almost a shame to actually put Anything INTO the BOWL to "cover" IT up!

And then, there was This Little CHINESE TEA-CUP... Just a cheap itty-bitty-Thing, but, IT *was* "BLUE & WHITE"... AND, oh yeah, *FREE*! - Besides, how could I say "no" to the Cool DRAGON on the Bottom?!

Anyhoo, MOTHER gathered a Bunch of OTHER Glassy ITEMS that I had passed on... And, also had Her Eye on a Small DESK..? - *Fortunately*, IT would NOT "FIT" into The CAR, thus, was subsequently, *SAVED* from being SUBJECTED to an UNworthy FATE on Our PORCH!!

EVENTUALLY, We took Our Now-"SPENDING"-*SPOILED*-Selves away to the NEXT "SALE"...

WHICH, I will Elaborate on TOMORROW! -- As, I *still* have to go THROUGH My PRIMARY-PURCHASE to Checkout exactly "WHAT" and how MUCH that I **GOT**!?! -- NOT to Worry though, IT was a GREAT-"DEAL", despite *not* being "FREE"!

ah. wait.. actually... IT *was* FREE, "for" Me anyway. MOTHER decided to "GIFT" Me IT!! - [YAY!!]

oh! And THEN, there's the OTHER-STUFF!! -- BUT, You'll have to COME BACK to SEE!!


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