Friday, May 24, 2013

huh. well. THAT *Rarely* Happens...

I ACTUALLY GOT "STUFF" *DONE*!?! -- scary!

DESPITE... A Couple of Slight *CHANGES* of "PLANS"..?
  • FATHER "Decided" to do STUFF "Today", that I had Expected Him to do on MONDAY.
  • Hence, I Left LATER than I had Hoped to.
  • No Prob. - Was RAINING Earlier anyway. The SUN's OUT now!
  • BEGAN a Load of LAUNDRY as I awaited His Return...
  • Squeezed through the *PRE*-RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC to COSTCO.
  • Then, sat in The CAR to *Phone*-Order "Something" for a Next Week Pickup...
  • Ah! "LUNCH"-a-la-FOOD-SAMPLES...
  • *More* TRAFFIC INside!
  • Head to GROCERY-STORE for "THIS"-Week's *SPECIALS*...
  • wow! - Got EVERYTHING on My "LIST"!
  • Spent *more* Time *IN* Line! -- Oooo... Found a NICKEL!
  • I *Love* getting "PAID" to WAIT!
  • Especially, "when", I end up getting to THE BANK 15-Minutes *AFTER* CLOSING!
  • nuts! -- And, I had such GOOD "PARKING", too...
  • Got HOME *before* the Heavier RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC and DINNER.
  • Carefully "INSERTED" The CAR past BIG-D's VEHICLE into Garage.
  • UNLOADED... Lots of HEAVY Food-Items...
  • CYBER-Catch-Up...
  • MADE *more* of THESE!

  • Got THIS Done!


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