Monday, May 20, 2013



A YARD-SALE-SCAVENGE of BEACON HILL is *never* Complete without a VISIT to The SALLY-ANN at ITS Local MALL... The Place "where" MOST of What We might have previously *MISSED*, often ends up AT!

However, THAT Said, "PICKINGS" haven't really been all that *Special* of Late... I Suppose PEOPLE are beginning to "Hang-ON" to Their *COOL*-STUFF more! - As a Result, I only Found This CERAMIC "CHERRY"-PIE COVER for just 90-Cents!

Of My most Probable "VAST" Array of PLATTERS and Such, I'm sure that I *MUST* have a Proper-Sized PIE-PLATE that will "GO" with THIS..!? -- somewhere...

Anyway, at THAT Price and in CLEAN Condition, I *couldn't* Pass IT up! -- Besides, considering how *Allergic* I am to CHERRIES, This is probably as CLOSE as I'll *ever* be getting to CHERRY PIE again!

AFTERWARD, We had proceeded to FABRICLAND... MOTHER wanted to "Check-out" Their CLOSING-SALE...

THIS, absolutely Gorgeous *FEELING* 100% WOOL 1.45M REMNANT was just BEGGING to be *RESCUED* from beneath a Pile of Pathetic-POLYESTER!! -- I am completely
*dumbfounded* by the Thought that NO ONE Spotted IT?! - And, *especially* since IT was Priced SO *LOW*!?!


Originally-Priced at $15. per Meter, I got IT for $2.50 per. - With Taxes, ALL for just $4.10!!

The PIC really *doesn't* do IT *any* Justice. The Actual Colour is much Deeper. THIS is a "Heavy"-Quality SUITING FABRIC - just *Thick* enough to be Used as a THROW-BLANKET. -- Which, is "WHAT" I am going to DO with IT.

The SIZE is Perfect and so are the EDGES. All IT needs is a GOOD-Quality BORDER-TRIM put on and, IT's DONE!! -- On a LEATHER SOFA or CHAIR, THIS would be *STUNNING*!!

damn! -- I need to WIN a LOTTERY. Buy a Ginormous HOUSE with a Spacious LIBRARY/DEN for a Fabulous LEATHER SOFA. So, I can *cover* IT with THIS FABRIC-"BLANKET-GONNA-BE"!

hmm... *HOPE* that SISTER remembers to Buy a "POWERBALL"-Ticket while She's in VEGAS..?!!


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