Thursday, November 29, 2012


WHY *IS* IT, *WHENEVER* there's Someplace IMPORTANT that We *have to* GET TO *ON TIME*, The WEATHER rears ITS PAIN-IN-THE-A$$-CRAPPINESS??!!

[BTW, I won't get *into* the Plethora of OTHER Problems
 that potentially PLAGUED Our Punctuality!!
Not to mention, My PATIENCE!]

For REAL!!?? -- Just when I go to take The CAR *OUT* of the GARAGE to Drive MOTHER to a Lucky-We-Got-IT-APPOINTMENT, IT starts to **SNOW SQUALL**!?!

-- [NOTE TO SELF - Next Vehicle Purchase *MUST* have a REAR-WINDOW-WIPER!!]

THANKFULLY, the NOONish TRAFFIC *and* ROAD CONDITIONS *weren't* as Horrid as I had FEARED that They "could have been". -- We actually Arrived with a Few Minutes to Spare! Oh, and of course, the SNOW had "STOPPED" by THEN!

WHILST I Waited on MOTHER, I got about HALF of WHAT's HERE Done...

THIS is another One of those COLOUR-COMBO-"EXPERIMENTS" of Mine that I Believe will turn out to be BETTER than I Imagined... I hope!

AFTERWARD, although We hadn't "PLANNED" on IT, We Stopped by MICHAEL'S... Earlier, We had Noticed that One of the Roads that I would have taken HOME, had CONSTRUCTION going on. As IT happens, "CUTTING"-through TRAINYARDS was the ALTERNATE ROUTE...

And, MOTHER *was* IN the MOOD to *SHOP*! -- Or, at least, "LOOK" Around...

I just got THIS...

You never know WHEN I *might* be NEEDING IT..? Besides, I *couldn't* LET That LAST COUPON to go to WASTE! - eh?!


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