Monday, November 5, 2012



I believe that I've "discovered" WHAT My PROLONGED-INdoor-LOWest-TEMPERATURE-TOLERANCE-Number IS! -- *52*F!!

THAT was My ROOM's TEMP Last Night AND for *most* of Today! -- When Beverages end up COLDER *OUTside* of the Fridge than *INside*, THIS is a "CLUE"! And, We won't go into the part about the BATHROOM-Mirror FOGGING-UP while Applying Makeup...

AFTER working in the BASEMENT "Storage" Area for a Few HOURS, condensing "WHAT" I could in order to make "SPACE" for The FURNACE-CLEANER-CHECKUP-GUY, I *Suggested* to MOTHER than Calling *NOW* would be a "Good Thing"... At LEAST to GET an Appointment!

-- The ELDERLY-PARENT-CICLE-UNITS have been Concerned about Turning the FURNACE *ON* before having IT Looked at..? -- However, The FURNACE-GUY said to GO ahead!

Besides, the TEMPS are going DOWN to *below*-FREEZING Tonight and the *EARLIEST* that He can get HERE is "maybe" Late WEDNESDAY??! But likely, NEXT WEEK... And, I don't think that I can deal with the "CRYO"-ELVES any longer! OR, with My ALUMINUM-NEEDLES *STICKING* to My FINGERS!

Ooooo!! IT's UP to 56F now! WOOHOO!!


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