Monday, November 19, 2012

Taking The *FRENZY* Down a Notch...

GRANTED, I *STILL* HAVE UMPTEEN THINGS TO "DO" THAT ARE PROBABLY WELL *PAST* "DUE"! - However, THIS Week, I've DECIDED to just SLOW DOWN... Gonna take My "Time" going through that "TO-DO"-LIST.

We were ALL in such a RUSH this Morning for an Appointment, that I've come to Realize, I need to "STOP" for a Moment and just *BE*... I took My sweet ole Time later in the Afternoon to do the Day's Errands. -- huh. I actually managed to get Done *sooner* than I had Thought that I would. hmm...

MEANTIME, *NOW* that CRAFT-SHOW "Appearances" are OVER - [*unless* some NEW and WORTHWHILE "Opportunity" should arise] - I've gotten back to *just* CREATING...

THESE TWO COLOURS have been just *screaming* AT Me to put Them *TOGETHER* for Weeks!! -- So. I have.

Well... There's a "TOUR"-LIST for Tomorrow. And, those 5-BALL-YARN-PACKS are ON-SALE This Week... HOPE that means a FRESH SUPPLY in over at MICHAEL'S..? Some MORE "NEW" Colours would be GOOD!

NOT that I *NEED* Them... OR, have the **SPACE** for Them! Not to mention My Present NON-EXISTING BUDGETARY "Resources"..? -- But, I am *such* a CHROMAddict!! - HOW CAN I RESIST?!


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