Friday, November 9, 2012

Reeled-In *POINTS* For a Fishy BARGAIN

I NOW HAVE A 9-MONTH SUPPLY -- I really HOPE that "Production" WILL be "Up & Running" again *before* I run OUT!

For the past Few Years, I've held a tiny "Investment" Interest in a small, yet Successfully Growing Biopharma-Bionutrient Company located in QUEBEC. However, "Financial" Prospects aside, I've had a more Personal Appreciation for *WHAT* THEY Process - KRILL OIL. THEY are THE Suppliers to Several Pharmaceutical Companies.

Yesterday Afternoon, there was a rather TRAGIC FIRE and EXPLOSIONS that Completely DEVASTATED THEIR PROCESSING FACILITIES. TWO PEOPLE DIED! Several OTHERS were Injured, a FEW Critically so. The "CAUSE" at this Time is UNKNOWN.

Along with My VITAMIN-D Supplements, My KRILL OIL Capsules have been a DAILY Constant in My Nutrition-Routine for Years. THEY really DO Work for Me! I've come to rely on THEIR Benefits as I do on My Prescription-Meds.

And, seeing as the FUTURE of My SUPPLY Requirements *were* at Definite RISK, I took action Today to SECURE My *needs*...

First off, These CAPSULES are NOT *cheap*... Luckily though, a Major Pharmaceutical Company has Recently added THEM to Their Product-Line, so COSTS have come Down.

Secondly, I had *enough* "REWARD"-POINTS and that TWO Stores *also* just Happened to have THEM *ON-SALE* This Week! -- THANK YOU!! -- As, THIS was NOT an Expense that I had Budgeted for!

Granted, I'm probably "jumping the gun" as it were, as well as seeming to be a tad "opportunistic"..? BUT realisticly, it *will* take MONTHS - if not Longer - to get BACK into Production. INVENTORIES *will* DRY-UP and Prices will GO UP! -- I'm just trying to stay Ahead of The-Curve and, Healthy!

Meanwhile though, UNlike quite a few Other-INVESTORS, I do *NOT* Plan on SELLING *ANY* of My SHARES. -- I *LIKE* THIS COMPANY. I'm gonna stick WITH THEM! And, HOPE for EVERYONE's FULL RECOVERY!


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