Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Historically Side-Tracked!!

IT'S A BAD HABIT OF MINE... As in, actually "Watching" My DVDs *when* I'm KNITTING. Especially, IF IT's the FIRST TIME that I've Viewed THEM!

And, those "TUDORS" DVDs I bought Last Week, really *are* GOOD! -- Unfortunately, I get so *involved* with the Storyline, that I FORGET that I'm "trying" to KNIT... I really *should* have gotten MORE Done, TODAY!

Then again, I'm going to have to RIP-OUT a Few ROWS as it is. -- The "REDUCING" isn't going as well as I would Like... HOPEFULLY, I can "FIND" Time Tomorrow, to get IT Completed! My "DAY" will be BUSY enough.

MOTHER and I have a little "OUTING" Scheduled for the Afternoon, DOWNTOWN! Via *BUS*.

So, I MUST *Try* to be IN Bed "EARLY"! -- yeah. THAT won't be happening...


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