Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleaning-Up at **90**!!


You know, I'll HAVE TO Live THAT long just to SORT OUT My STUFF!!

Meanwhile, speaking of LONGEVITY and, "STUFF"...

As the PRETTY-20-SOMETHING-FABRIC-CUTTING-GIRL at FABRICLAND was Measuring and Snipping My soon-to-be-PURCHASES, Our Conversation lead to the mentioning of Her *GREAT*-GREAT-GRANDMOTHER, who happens to be around 100! And, that She also had a Daughter, hence making "GRANNY" *TRIPLE*-GREAT!!

Apparently, 3G-GRANNY *recently* gave Her some Fabric that SHE'd been Saving-to-DO-Something-With-SOMEday with the Sentiment along the lines of -

"...I'm probably not going to get around to using this after all..."

But, at least SHE's Lived LONG *enough* to Pass-on HER "GOOD-STUFF" to SOMEONE who *will* Appreciate IT!

ANYHOO... HERE's WHAT I got...

100% Brushed COTTON -- I spotted THIS Last... IT "Reminded" Me of One of My Previously-Purchased NOTEBOOKS from MICHAEL'S - [SEE INSERT] - about Two-Years ago. I just didn't Realize HOW "Similar" THEY were! -- Only got a METER.

THIS Meter-Plus of 100% COTTON "RALPH LAUREN" was an END-of-the-BOLT-"REMNANT-RESCUE"! -- The *actual* COLOUR is *less* Yellowish-Green...

BOTH of THESE PIECES were ON-SALE for $4.-per-Meter.

THESE THREE "REMNANT-BASKET"-FINDS are only a Half-Meter and/or Less.
- [LEFT to RIGHT] - 55%-LINEN / 45% COTTON -- 100% COTTON -- 100% COTTON GAUZE-WEAVE.

I'm sure that I'll Find *SOME* Use for THEM! - EVENTUALLY...

We also made a Purchasing-Pilgrimage to MICHAEL'S... HOWEVER, "more" about THAT, TOMORROW!


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