Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well. So Much For THOSE Coupons...

APPARENTLY, WE DIDN'T GO TO MICHAEL'S TODAY AFTERALL... And, I was even going to make an "Effort" to get UP *EARLY* to meet that NOON SALE-CUT-OFF-TIME!

hmm...perhaps, Tomorrow..?

MEANWHILE, I put in some TIME on "This Week's" HAT. Just have 2 more "Panels" to go. -- I should get IT done BEFORE I Finish My Newly-Acquired "CADFAEL" DVDs! - I've literally been WAITING for YEARS for the PRICE to go DOWN! So, when THEY popped-up during Monday's COSTCO-Run, I *snatched* THEM UP!!

Another "HOLIDAY-GIFT" *to* Myself!! -- Besides, THEY encompass TWO of My FAV GENRES: "WHO-DONE-IT"s and "HISTORICAL-PERIOD-PIECES". I'm quite Surprised that I've managed to get ANY of My KNITTING *DONE*!

Well... I'm going to go Experiment on that "Getting-Enough-SLEEP-To-Wake-Up-EARLY" *THEORY*!


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