Friday, November 30, 2012

I probably *should* have Checked My E-MAIL "Last"...

'CAUSE, IT'S REALLY LATE RIGHT NOW... I *still* have "THIS" to WRITE! And, STUFF to Do Tomorrow - "EARLY"-ish - so, will likely NOT get *much*, if ANY, Sleep Tonight!

So. After spending the Evening doing a Couple of Loads of LAUNDRY as I Worked on the "NEWEST HAT", whilst Viewing a Recent-Purchase of OLD "Classic" SHERLOCK HOLMES DVDs, I was wracking My Brain to "COME UP" with *SOMETHING* for TODAY'S BLOOG POST...

*SADLY*, I "found" IT!

-- SISTER-S just sent an E-Mail, Informing Me of Her FATHER-IN-LAW's *PASSING*... He's been quite ILL for Months, so THIS was an Expected Outcome. -- In some Respects, a "BLESSING", but STILL Emotionally TRYING for His FAMILY and FRIENDS.

I just WISH I could *Physically* "BE THERE" for HER *and* MOUNTIE-MAN-S, too!


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